Hola Ola (2017)




Hola Ola is a song and videoclip about waves that flush our lives. I got the insight for a wave as a metaphore for the randomness of things that happen when I was in a car. Hola Ola will therefor sooner or later be presented in a driving car. All will become clear to you. Until then I have just words.


From my diary, 7 dec. 2017:

I was in a car, I rested my head against the bumpy window. I looked outside and saw nothing. I looked more and in the darkness arrose a world of abstract forms in vague colors. They passed us in a constant rhythm. They came, and they left. A sequence of anonymous things, trees, leaves, lights.

Left of me I felt the sweaty skin of a person I thought I loved. We stuck together and I couldn't help it. We were four on the backseat of a Fiat Panda.

My arm became his arm, our bodies one. Together we moved to the rhythm of the car, up and down the hills. Abruptly we folded forward. Outside things slowed down until they stood still. The car got filled with a red light, until it turned green and everything started again. We moved, we trembled, and in the end we kissed. I couldn't help it. Things happen. I simply surrendered to the force bigger than me, nature. I layed down in its grandeur, I surved to its waves. Floated in its salty water, struggled in stormy weather. Fighting, no.






Made by Mariël Smit, maart 2018 all rights reserved